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They say the Romans built a little village on the shores of the creek Nervia, and called it Dulcius. Or maybe the village was built by the Celts, and for the same reason was called Dussaga. What is certain is that this town is steeped in history, so much so that you can feel it in the air, wherever you look and wherever you wander.

The Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge, is a Roman 14th century bridge. Highly arched, it was made of just one slab of rock, in the shape of a donkey’s back, and emerges over 33 m over the calm and placid waters of Nervia. It is a uniquely beautiful yet fragile, so much so that the painter Claude Monet described it as a “light jewel” and made it the subject of 4 paintings.

The castle of Doria, built in the 12th century, was little more than a tower and looms over the village high on the mountain of Rebuffao. No matter where you are, look up and there it is, standing out almost unconquerable in all of the Nervia Valley. To reach it, one must traverse narrow passageways or caruggi, as we call them in Liguria, which, with every step, will bring you closer to the Middle Ages.

This village is known to the world as Dolceacqua, but to the Ligurians it is known as Dôsaiga. To those of us who have lived in Dolceacqua for generations, it is Dussaiga. Here, in Dussaiga at our vacations homes, in our rooms, we are certain that you will find the perfect vacation.

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Are you looking to go on holiday with the whole family, or are you a group of friends, looking to create memories and share an adventure? The Casa di Giacinta, the Casa di Meluccio and the Casa di Rina, holiday apartments of around 70-90 m2 with three bedrooms each, are the perfect destination; a sublime choice for families or large groups.
Are you a couple looking for a welcoming and intimate B&B to vacation at? Somewhere that spoils you completely while also providing you with all the privacy you need? The Camera dei Fiordaliso, the Camera dell’Olivo and the Camera delle Rose, located in the town centre with a lovely view of the Doria Castle, have all been beautifully and lovingly furbished.

Either way, Dussaiga is the perfect place to have an unforgettable holiday. All our spaces have TV, WiFi, amenities and you can also use our bicycles to go on wonderful trips in the Nervia Valley.

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As you enter the medieval village of Dolceaqua, near the Doria Castle, you will encounter the Casa di Giacinta, the Casa di Meluccio and the Casa di Rina, 3 beautiful holiday apartments. They are elegant, comfortable and spacious, with private parking, and all looking directly into the garden. They each have three rooms with a double bed, large bathrooms with modern showers, and a spacious, well-lit, and well-equipped kitchen. Three vacation homes perfectly suited to a vacation on the Ligurian Riviera with family or friends, in one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, and only 10 minutes from the sea.

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The floral theme of the three rooms with B&B services can be found in the colours, the furnishings and the attention to detail. The Rose Room has its own breakfast room with a beautiful chimney, all contributing to the cozy atmosphere. The Fiordaliso and Olivo rooms have a shared breakfast room which is both well-lit and spacious. Both apartments are found in one of the most beautiful little squares in Dolceacqua, which leads to the main square in the village.

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so many good reasons for such a holiday

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Dolceacqua can be found in the centre of the Nervia Valley, which stretches from the Marine Alps by the sea to the West Liguria. The valley enjoys a diverse Mediterranean environment, where marine vegetation meets mountain vegetation. The views are magnificent, characterized by olive groves, vineyards, creeks and medieval villages.

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Dolceacqua is the land of olives of the Ligurian Riviera Dop and of the rossese wines Doc. Unique flavours that mesmerize the palate. Typical dishes include fugasùn pizza; you can try it either garnished with herbs or on its own, while wandering around the village, then ask for a snack with a michetta dolce; you will be left wanting more.

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This area is perfect for the sporty and the adventurous: the hills that become mountains offer paths and routes that can be accessed by bike, on foot or even by horse as well as by excursions. Only 10 mintues away, by the coast, a cycling lane is being developed along the longest sea in Europe.

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Whoever comes to Dolceacqua will find themselves immersed in the Middle Ages, thanks to the Doria Castle of the 13th century, the Roman Bridge shaped like a donkey’s back, the caruggi that meanders across the town, from the shores of the Nervia creek all the way to the walls of the castle.

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